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Skilled professionals looking to explore work opportunities abroad should consider Germany. This heritage rich and technologically advanced Country invites application for Job Seeker Visa, which enables a professionals to enter Germany and approach Companies for employment.

With just 3.2% unemployment rate and growth prospects, Germany is ideal destination for building a career in industries like Automobiles, Machinery, Electrical Equipment, Technology (incl. IT) as well as Service sector. Research and Development efforts form a fundamental part of the German economy. To sustain dominance in world markets, they require qualified professionals from around the world to contribute to their growth story.

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    *Conditions Applied
  • i. Germany Job Seeker Visa allows you to search for a job for a period of up to 6 months.
  • ii. For work purpose, you must change VISA status to a residence permit.
  • iii. The German Embassy/Consulate reserves the right to scrutinise application of certain professionals (e.g. Nurses, Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Teachers)
Work Permits

Many developed countries approve their Companies to hire international candidates to fulfill the requirement of skilled labor as well as highly skilled professionals.

Work permit and Work VISA are crucial for place you on international career path. We provide full assistance in acquiring this much-needed permit in countries that enable the scope for it. Our experts will guide you through every step in securing the work visa. Based on your qualification, skill sets, experience, academic background, you will be given a temporary or permanent working visa in a particular country.

On this page, we will keep updating direct work opportunities in various Countries as per the relevant timelines.

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Job Opening

Profile: Python Developer

Location: Poland


  • Developing backend components of user-facing web applications
  • Dealing with complex code problems and architectural designs
  • Take part in building systems from scratch
  • Design and implement back-end systems and APIs
  • Using state-ofthe-art technologies and practices
  • Communicate with remote clients on a daily basis


  • Deep knowledge of Python and a few years of experience in programming in python
  • Experience with Django Framework and SQL
  • Good understanding of how to make use of Docker,
  • Experience with any of Kubernetes, AWS, RabbitMQ,
  • To know and to be interested in how to work with Big Data
  • English proficiency min. B2

Profile: Factory Worker

Location: Poland

Job related to any production line work like Packaging, Welding, Iron Works/Grinding, etc.

Facilities: Good Salary, Good Working Conditions, Free Accommodation provided by Employer


  • Relevant experience and knowledge confirmed by certificates
  • Qualify skill test (if any)
  • Readiness for Hard work
  • Any specific requirement as per the particular job profile