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Medical Program
Studying medicine abroad can bless your career with exceptional mileage. Imagine being spades ahead of your contemporaries by acquiring international level knowledge and expertise in medicine. This certainly sounds like a plan. Be it bachelor’s or masters in any medical discipline, our advisors have got your back. You may opt for specified streams such as Psychology, Sport Science, Public Health, Nutrition, Dental Health, Pharmacy, Gerontology, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Anesthesiology, Paramedical Studies, Gynecology and a lot more on offer.
PHD Application Support
PhD means taking your career to the next level. And our experts will supervise your application process – right from locating your expertise to helping you give your best shot in securing a position at a university. We will facilitate an interaction with PhD holders in your subject to help you get a clear picture of the road ahead. Along with that, assistance with your Phd personal statement, application forms and correspondence with the universities will be carefully supervised by our experts.
VISA Application Support
Advising you on the entire visa application process is our responsibility. More so, the onus of keeping you fully informed on the latest developments on the conditions of visa requirements is on us. The best of immigration experts are associated with us, and their foremost objective is to make the entire process hassle free. Our immigration representatives are patient listeners and ever-ready to address your concerns.
Career Counselling
Obtaining an international qualification is now a cakewalk. Our career counsellors, who are seasoned and extremely knowledgeable, will assist you in choosing the right course, university and give shape to your career goals. Our advisors will also ensure you get the maximum benefit by spending as less as possible. Our aim is to help you take the right decisions, and also ensure you avoid routes that might serve as setbacks down the line.
Career Mapping
At a time when the professional sector is fast-changing, career mapping is proving to be the need of the hour for every aspirant. Career mapping is a visual, graphic approach to managing one’s career. This process eases an otherwise tedious process of identifying goals, and addressing barriers to growth, subsequently creating a career roadmap to realise goals faster than usual. This is a process of assessing a candidate’s career on a regular basis.
Aptitude Test/IQ Testing/ DMIT
Along with an aptitude and IQ test, we also bring to you a Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, which gives an accurate prediction of your potential and mental and intellectual faculties. A DMIT analyses your fingerprint patterns and brain lobes, eventually serving as a complete career guide with utmost accuracy. Our analysts will help you zero in on the right stream of education and the best-suited university.